Amigo Brothers Who Won The Fight? (Best solution)

Example “Amigo Brothers” Story Prediction They congratulated each other and went home to clean up and get some rest. The next morning, the boys read about the fight in the local paper. Felix won the match, 30-29.

Who won in the Amigo brothers?

All of these details suggested that Felix was the winner. While the two boxers were pretty evenly matched, Felix had the key advantages of being husky, short and powerful.

What happens at the end of Amigo brothers?

They fight each other not out of hatred or even the desire to win, but rather for the love of competition. At the end of each fight, the boys are triumphant and happy for each other no matter who wins, because they tried their best and survived.

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Who won Felix or Antonio?

Félix da Costa comfortably won both races, winning the first race by almost a minute and the second race by almost forty seconds.

What is the resolution in Amigo brothers?

The resolution in the story is after the fight. The two boys beat each other so badly, that they make up and just walk out of the arena. All the tension between the two boys breaks as they deceide to not know who the real winner is.

How are Antonio and Felix different from each other?

They are physically different: Antonio is tall and lean while Felix is short and husky. They also have different hairstyles. What internal emotional conflicts might confront tow boys with the same dream?

Why is the fight so important to Felix and Antonio?

What agreement do Antonio and Felix make while jogging? boxing is so important to the boys because they don’t want to live in the bad part of town and they want to to the the golden gloves competition. It hurts them by making them not want to fight each other.

How old are the Amigo brothers?

A Quick “Amigo Brothers” Summary. Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas are seventeen-year-olds who have grown up best friends in New York City.

What is the moral of the Amigo brothers?

A theme from “Amigo Brothers” is: ” True friendship can overcome even the most difficult of obstacles. Explanation: Antonio and Felix are incredible boxers and are also good friends. For years, they trained and developed different styles of combat.

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What is the central conflict of Amigo brothers?

The main or the central conflict of the story Amigo Brothers is that Antonio and Felix must fight against each other in a boxing match.

How did boxing help Antonio and Felix growing up?

Boxing helped them to stay positive and to stay away from negative street influences. It also got them involved in the community. They live in a tenement building on Fifth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B. Both of the boys love boxing and anything that has to do with boxing.

In what part of New York City did the Amigo brothers live?

They grew up in the lower East part of Manhattan on 5th street.

Why does the author refer to Antonio Cruz and Felix Varga as the Amigo brothers How were the boys alike How were they different?

The boys were alike because they were both the same age. The story tells us, “Antonio Cruz and Felix Varga were both seventeen years old” (Thomas, 412). The boys were different in the way that they looked. For example, “Antonion was fair, lean, and lanky, while Felix was dark, short, and husky” (Thomas, 412).

What deal did Antonio and Felix?

2.) What deal do Antonio and Felix make? They both will try as hard as they can when they fight each other in the ring.

How does paragraph 45 contribute to readers understanding of Antonio’s perspective?

How does paragraph 45 contribute to readers’ understanding of Antonio’s perspective? It shows that Antonio is willing to beat Felix no matter what it takes. It expresses how confident Antonio feels in his ability to beat Felix.

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Which sentence from Amigo Brothers best shows how the conflict in a story is resolved?

The following statement best describes how the conflict in “Amigo Brothers” is resolved: The boys leave the ring together, showing that they are still good friends.

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