How To Fight Emil? (TOP 5 Tips)

How to Fight Emil | Secret Boss Location

  1. Go to Emil’s House — Find it around the City Ruins: Center crater.
  2. Loot the treasure chest in the final room of the pitch black cave.
  3. Return to Emil and talk to him.
  4. Go back to his house a second time with 9S.

How do you destroy Emil?

Now, go and speak to Emil at least once and access his shop menu. To do this simply find him on the map, denoted by a face icon, and shoot him with 9S’s Pod to make him stop. Then head to a sewer pipe in the North-West of the crater in the middle of the City Ruins.

How do you fight Emil superboss?

Try to leave the area, and Emil will stop you for a fight. Emil is a level 99 boss, and he’ll fire non-stop Emil head bullets at you, so you’ll want to make sure that your dodging game is on point. I recommend attempting this fight at around level 65 or so, and bring your best HP chips as well.

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How do I let Emil self destruct?

Head to the marker to trigger Emil’s superboss fight. Near the end of the fight, one of the Emil heads will start to self-destruct. To get Ending Y, just let the head explode.

How do you determine emils?

Emil’s Determination Walkthrough

  1. First complete Emil’s Memories.
  2. Find all weapons and upgrade them to maximum level (Pods and Pod Programs don’t count).
  3. In order to obtain all weapons, you must have defeated Emil (Boss), and picked up Emil Heads.
  4. Head to the Abandoned Shopping Center to talk to Emil and start the quest.

Is Emil The last human?

8 He’s The Last Remaining Human In The Nier Universe By the time of Automata, it’s assumed that humanity is gone. But, technically, there is still one human alive, Emil! That’s right, the character who ends up looking the least human of all is actually the last one in existence.

Is Emil dead in Nier automata?

He later tearfully sacrifices himself to save the others from Popola at the Shadowlord’s castle. However, Emil did not die, but is now a disembodied head.

Can you fight Emil as 9S?

Emil is Level 99, so you’ll have to be high level to even think about damaging him. You also can’t access Emil’s treasure without 9S, so you’ll need to complete the game at least once to earn 9S and his hacking ability.

How do you fight Emil in the desert?

Strategy. After upgrading every weapon to max level, a quest marker will appear at the abandoned shopping center, once you’re there, talk to Emil and Pod will tell you that he is heading to the desert. Once you’re on location you will find Emil once again, talk to him to initiate the boss fight.

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Who is the last boss in NieR automata?

Boss Battle: Eve. Eve is at his strongest at this point in the game, but the tactics for fighting him are somewhat similar to your previous battles with Adam. Start attacking him aggressively as he moves along the ground and dodge his physical and ranged attacks.

How do I trigger Emil’s quest?


  1. The quest unlocks after the Forest Zone main quest is completed. Once you find Emil driving around the City Ruins, shoot him with your Pod, then go and talk to him.
  2. This quest must be done before 2B or 9S battle with Grün.

Is anything missable in Nier automata?

Nothing is missable in this game you can just go through and play the game at your own pace and enjoy it.

Can you find Emil as A2?

Emil’s Shop is a merchant in NieR:Automata. Encountered after facing A2 at the Forest Castle, he can be found driving around the City Ruins on multiple routes that tends to offer higher-end items such as chips, materials, and even a couple of exclusive weapons.

What chapter is Emil determination?

NieR: Automata Part #159 – Episode CLIII: Emil’s Determination.

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