When Is Ben Askren Next Fight? (Best solution)

The entire Jake Paul and Ben Askren event is set to take place on Saturday, April 17 at around 9 p.m. ET.

What happened to Ben Askren?

Askren was retired, coming off hip surgery last September and is 36 years old with a ton of miles on him. “Maybe he’s good,” Askren said of Paul.

How much did Jake Paul make from fighting Ben Askren?

Jake Paul has a $690,000 salary for his fight against Ben Askren, per MMA Fighting. But he will likely earn even more than that. In an interview with ESPN’s Mark Raimondi in December, Paul revealed he made “eight figures” for his fight against Nate Robinson (which is a minimum of $10 million).

What time is the Askren fight?

The Paul vs. Askren card launches Saturday, April 17 at 9 p.m. ET, which is 2 a.m. Sunday, April 18 in the UK.

How much money did Ben Askren get paid?

Paul’s base earnings for the fight was disclosed as $690,000, while Askren took home a minimum of $500,000, MMA Fighting reported.

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Was the Paul Askren fight rigged?

Askren denies ‘rigged’ fight against Paul The answer is nothing,” he told ESPN. Askren was reported to have taken home nearly $US500,000 for the bout, which lasted less than one round.

Who has the worst UFC record?

Without further ado, step with us to the other side and look at the fighters with worst records in MMA EVER!

  • Bob Sapp. MMA Record: 12 wins; 20 losses.
  • Scott Blevins. MMA Record: 0 Wins; 20 Losses.
  • Kenneth Allen. MMA Record: 1–42.
  • Jay Ellis. MMA Record: 15–91.
  • Shaun Lomas. MMA Record: 23–78.

What is KSI net worth?

The Daily Mirror online has regularly speculated over KSI’s income and net worth, reporting in 2014 that his income for the year was $1.12 million and that his net worth was $11 million at the end of 2017, rising to an estimated $20 million by 2019.

How much money will Logan Paul make against Floyd Mayweather?

How much did Logan Paul make in his fight against Floyd Mayweather? Logan Paul bagged an estimated $10 million for his exhibition boxing match against Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

Who is Jake Paul after Ben Askren?

Jake Paul has called out UFC superstar Kamaru Usman after knocking out Ben Askren in his latest professional boxing fight. The YouTube star has caused a stir in the fighting world, routinely calling out some of the biggest names in both boxing and MMA.

What time is Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather UK?

What time is the fight? Sky’s coverage for the fight starts in the UK at midnight on Sunday.

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How much does a UFC fighter make if he loses?

Do UFC Fighters Get Paid if They Lose? UFC fighters do get paid even if they lose. Whatever the outcome is (unless they don’t make the weight; then they have to give up 20% of the purse), they will get paid what is in their contract for the fight. If they win, they will just receive the extra money from the win bonus.

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