Who Won Supreme Patty Fight? (Correct answer)

Instagram personality and Daytona Beach native Patrick “Supreme Patty” Wallace lost his amateur boxing debut by unanimous decision to 27-year-old Rudy Prieto out of Pensacola. The flamboyant Patty, who has the “Supreme” red skateboarding brand logo tattooed across his solar plexus, brought the theatrics to the fight.

Who is supreme Patty boxing?

Supreme Patty’s real name is Patrick Wallace, and he has currently become the center of discussion because of his upcoming fight with John Gabbana. John Gabbana is a twenty-five years old Instagram personality from Florida.

What is the beef between Supreme Patty and Lil Xan?

As for what set them off, Lil Xan claims Supreme Patty tried mooching off his group’s bottle service — and Patty says he was just defending himself after getting a drink thrown at him. We’re told the cops weren’t called and both parties left shortly after the scuffle.

What time is the supreme Patty fight tonight?

The start time is 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT. In the UK and Australia the event airs live on Saturday, September 25.

Where is the supreme Patty fight?

On Friday, September 24th Social Media Stars John Gabbana and Supreme Patty will face off to a real sanctioned Boxing match. This event will take place at the Pensacola Bay Center in Pensacola, Florida and will be streamed live and exclusively on FITE!

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Is Supreme Patty a boy or girl?

Supreme Patty (Patrick Wallace) was born on December 18, 1997 in Daytona Florida. His parents divorced when he was 3 and he never graduated high school. He did get a GED. It’s fair to say the odds were stacked against him, which makes his rise to fame even more impressive and interesting.

What’s wrong with Supreme Patty’s face?

Crazy how far I’ve come.” Patrick has spoken at length about his acne in the past, including in an interview in 2018 with DJ Smallz. In the interview, Patrick said, “Some kids, you know, everyone has their own genetics and ways they just get acne. I’ve had it since I was in high school. I’ve always had it.

How old is Lil Xan now?

The rapper had talked about being hospitalised after suffering “multiple seizures” in October 2020. It came after he said last summer that he was “sober from all prescription pills”, adding that sobriety made him feel “alive”.

How can I watch the Supreme Patty fight?

The three-fight card is a streaming pay-per-view through Fite TV. Gabbana and Supreme Patty have appeared in videos together, which can be found on the latter’s Instagram page.

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