How Long Is Standard Shipping For Title Boxing Gloves? (Best solution)

How long should a pair of boxing gloves last?

  • And the leather of the pair should do the job. Otherwise, it will have rough edges and you will have to get a new pair pretty soon. Genuine leather (Cleto Reyes, Winning) is perfect for this type of training and you will definitely use it more than 2 years.

How long does it take for winning gloves to ship?

Products in stock take 2-8 days on average.

Is TITLE Boxing a good brand?

Title boxing gloves are great for all manner of boxers. They have one of the widest ranges of boxing gloves. Their products are respected in the boxing world, and any boxer would be proud to wear them in the ring. If you would like an alternative boxing glove, then you should try the Venum Challenger 2.0.

Where are TITLE Boxing gloves made?

Hand-crafted exclusively for TITLE Boxing, these one-of-a-kind Adidas Gloves were made entirely in the USA. Each pair has been designed to mold perfectly to your fist. They are built from the best genuine leather and the finest materials.

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Does TITLE Boxing do returns?

TITLE Boxing guarantees your complete satisfaction with every purchase. An item may be returned for credit, refund or exchange within 120 days of purchase if it’s in new, resaleable condition.

How long does winning USA take to ship?

We can ship still by Sea mail but it will take 2 to 3 month. We’ve got so many CHARGED BACK lately so we can not process the order if there is any suspected of fraud.

Is Kozuji real?

In one word, YES, all our products are genuine Winning products. We get this question a lot as many websites out there sell some fakes/copies made in Pakistan or other countries. The products sold on Kozuji come from the one and only Winning factory in Japan.

How long does Title Boxing shipping take?

Orders generally process and ship within 1-2 business days, excluding weekends and holidays.

What is the biggest boxing brand?

What are the most popular boxing brands?

  • Cleto Reyes Boxing.
  • Everlast Boxing.
  • Winning Boxing.
  • Title Boxing Club.
  • Twins Special.
  • Hayabusa Fight.
  • Fairtex.
  • Top King Boxing.

What oz gloves do boxers use?

Regardless of your weight and size, most boxers will use gloves weighing 16oz or more to spar. However, if you weigh over 175Ibs, 18oz or 20oz is most commonly used.

What size gloves do pro boxers use?

Professional boxers who compete in any class up to and including the welterweight division wear 8-ounce gloves during a match.

How much does a boxing gloves cost?

The truth is, boxing glove prices can vary anywhere between $10 and $500, although the average cost for a decent pair of boxing gloves is around $100. The cost of boxing gloves varies on many factors such as brand, material, and even the specific type of boxing gloves you’re looking to buy.

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How do I cancel my title boxing membership?

You must contact your club and/or go to You will be asked some questions regarding your contract and then advised on the easiest method to cancel your membership.

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